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VCO shows high recovery rate for COVID-19 patients

The clinical trials being conducted by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) on virgin coconut oil (VCO) as a food supplement to help in the treatment of probable COVID-19 cases in Santa Rosa, Laguna continues to show high recovery rates.

Dr. Imelda Agdeppa, DOST assistant scientist and DOST-FNRI officer-in-charge of the Nutritional Assessment and Monitoring Division who is also leading the DOST-FNRI VCO clinical trials in Santa Rosa, said they have seen practically a 100 percent recovery of the subjects in the trial.

Agdeppa said that of the s47 participants, 30 have finished the program and gone home.

She, however, declined to say that they have officially recovered.

“Of course, they are considered recovered, because they would not be sent home if they are still sick,” Agdeppa admitted.

But Agdeppa said that they can only make the conclusions once they finish the clinical trials with 56 participants.

“This is a double blind, randomized trial,” Agdeppa explained.

She said that one group was given meals applied with VCO, while another group was given meals with no VCO mixed in the food.


Source: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/09/12/2041790/vco-shows-high-recovery-rate-covid-19-patients?fbclid=IwAR1x21s51MuDWe_GNcJhsIrloV41cTwX1PN0L4dr_vXHMFQ_8eM5txwyud8

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